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Jose Seijas’ passion for cigars started in 1974 when he was hired by Tabacalera de Garcia to work in the engineering department developing standards for quality control, tobacco preparation and manufacturing. Four years later he was offered the chance to move to Las Palmas de Gran Canarias to be the administrative assistant in La Compañia Insular Tabacalera- at the time makers of Motecruz, Don Diego, H.Hupmann, Flamenco and Don Marino. He spent almost two years in La Compania Insualr Tabacalera and was then transferred back to be the right-hand man to the General Manager of Tabacalera Garcia. He worked his way up to becoming the Master Blender and General Manager in 1984, a position which he maintained up until his retirement in the end of 2011.

During his tenure in Tabacalera de Garcia During Jose directed the blending and manufacturing of brands like: Seijas Signature (No.6 of CA Top25 2006), Mi Dominicana by Jose Seijas (No.20 of CA Top25 2008), Montecristo, Romeo & Julieta, Vega Fina, H. Upmann, Onyx, Trinidad and many more.

Inevitably a year into his retirement he decided to return to the cigar industry, this time producing at a much smaller scale and with his sons Enrique and Ricardo. Smaller scale production allowed him to:

  • Covey his passion towards quality and consistency directly to his cigar artisans
  • Pay special attention to the quality of blending and the construction of his cigars
  • Use the best tobacco available in the market for his cigars.

To pay homage to Dominican Republic Jose decided to revive a brand with deep Dominican roots – Matilde. A brand founded in 1876 and later revived by the Seijas family in 2014.